The 1st Joint Conference of the Fora of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce, Cities and Universities: “ROOTS and PATHS - Past, Present and Future for the Adriatic-Ionian Region” took place from the 16th until the 18th of October in Split (Croatia) in the framework of the AI-NURECC initiative. It aims to represent an important step forward in building and consolidating the relationships between civil society, local, regional, national and European institutions.

The Conference brought together more than 120 Institutions from the 3 civil society networks in the Adriatic-Ionian Region – Chambers of Commerce, Cities and Universities – with the aim of strengthening connectivity networks and creating greater prosperity in the Region, through work on areas of mutual interest identified in the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR).

Large participation was also registered at the Thematic Workgroups, held in the afternoon of the second day: delegates of economic bodies, universities and municipal administrations were divided into the seven Workgroups on Blue Growth, Connecting the Region, Environmental Quality and Agriculture, Sustainable Tourism, in line with the EUSAIR pillars, in addition with Women’s Entrepreneurship , Social Challenges and Economic Analysis, consistent with the cross-cutting priorities of the Strategy.

The Adriatic-Ionian Initiative Permanent Secretariat, given the role of “Advocate of Civil Society” the AII has assumed since the endorsement of the EUSAIR Strategy, attended the event.
Ambassador Pigliapoco, Senior Advisor of the AII-PS, after thanking for the invitation on the side of the AII Montenegrin Chairmanship, expressed his appreciation for the full commitment of AII Chambers of Commerce, Cities and Universities to play a crucial role in the implementation of the EUSAIR Strategy. He further stressed the AII role as “Advocate of Civil Society Organizations” within the macroregional process, especially by opening Round Tables to the participation of stakeholders and civil society as well as by coordinating and cooperating with the three Fora (Cities, Chambers, Universities) in line with the subsidiarity principle, which is at the core of the EUSAIR. He also assured that the Permanent Secretariat will continue to be pivotal in its traditional connecting role between Governments, regional actors and civil society Fora and networks that have been, up to today, essential in the preparation and implementation phase of the macroregional mechanism and will continue to be the same all throughout the year of the Montenegrin Chairmanship.

For more information regarding the Conference, please check the following website:

The Training Workshop on Creative and Cultural industries in the EUSAIR area - “Adriatic Start-up School” model, organized by the Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce in collaboration with Durres Chamber of Commerce, will take place on November 21 in Tirana.

The Adriatic-Ionian region has great potential to develop competitive and innovative creative and cultural industries that would benefit a wide range of stakeholders in the AI Region. A better knowledge of the opportunities offered, together with a reinforced dialogue in the field of culture by identifying issues of common interest and sharing excellence and best practises to support artistic entrepreneurship, creative start-ups and contemporary art festivals, would enable the decision and policy-makers to propose better tools for the encouragement of job creation and employment.

The initiative will support the dialogue in the field of culture by identifying issues of common interest and sharing excellence and best practises to support artistic entrepreneurship, creative start-ups and contemporary art festivals.

The Training workshop will take place within a two-day Conference focused on EU Policies and EU Territorial Cooperation Opportunities, in the framework of the AI-NURECC initiative.

For further information, please visit the AIC Forum website:

The AII Round Table on Blue Growth/Maritime Cooperation will take place in Budva on November 3, organized by the AII Montenegrin Chairmanship in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Directorate for fisheries) of Montenegro.

The meeting will mainly focus on “Small-scale coastal traditional fisheries - challenges and opportunities for local community development through the link of fisheries and tourism”.

Experts coming from the AII participating countries will attend the meeting while experts from some regions and local authorities may participate presenting their transnational projects on the matter.

According to the regulations of the AII Round Tables overhauled in 2015, the results of the Round Table will be transferred to the 8th Thematic Steering Groups on Blue Growth, which will be held back to back with the AII Round Table.

Please find here the Agenda of the event and the registration form.

The first AII Committee of Senior Officials under Montenegrin Chairmanship took place in Podgorica on October 3 back to back with the 8th EUSAIR Governing Board.

The AII Permanent Secretariat Programme of the Activities was presented together with the Priorities and indicative calendar of events of the Montenegrin Chairmanship (for the period 1 June 2018 – 31 May 2019) emphasizing the important connection and integration with the “EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region”, by completing Round Tables progressive alignment to EUSAIR Thematic Steering Groups, by enhancing policy dialogue and cooperation among AII/EUSAIR participating countries.

Further topics discussed by Senior Officials were the Appointment of the Senior Official by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Amb. Jon Ivanovski, and the state of play regarding the Inclusion of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the EUSAIR (art.2 Catania Declaration).

The Committee of Senior Officials decided, inter alia, to give mandate to the Permanent Secretariat to bring forward the procedure to update the AII Guidelines and Rules of Procedure due to the entry of fYROM in the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative.

Please find here the agreed minutes of the meeting.

The 8th Meeting of the EUSAIR Governing Board took place in Podgorica on 3-4 October 2018. 
Members of EUSAIR Governing Board gathered to discuss common future development of the eight countries participating in the Strategy. Starting with the EUSAIR Programme of the Montenegrin Presidency and with the main focus on the Discussion Paper regarding the follow-up actions in response to the request from EUSAIR Ministers under point 6 of the Catania Declaration.

Additional to that, other items discussed were:

  • The outcome of the technical meeting of Pillar Coordinators;
  • Reporting on the OECD Seminar on Strengthening National Co-ordination Mechanisms for EUSAIR held the previous day;
  • EUSAIR Facility Point state of play;
  • State of play and next steps of ADRION Program;
  • State of play and events of the AI-NURECC Initiative;
  • Report of AII Secretary General, Amb. Castellaneta, on the meeting of the CSO.

Further information regarding the EUSAIR GB can be found at the following link:




Avviso di selezione di una unità di personale nell'ambito dell'Iniziativa AI-NURECC - Recruitment in the framework of the AI-NURECC Initiative

Scadenza 28 novembre 2018 (in Italian Language only)

Uniadrion con determinazione n. 1 del 24 ottobre 2018 ha reso noto un avviso pubblico di selezione per l’assunzione di un assistente tecnico-amministrativo in materia di politiche e progetti europei, relazioni e comunicazione internazionale nell’ambito del progetto europeo AI-NURECC – contratto a tempo determinato ed a tempo pieno.

La Segreteria di Uniadrion è a disposizione per eventuali informazioni ai seguenti recapiti:

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