The Agriculture Ministerial Meeting of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative was held in Belgrade last April 26th, 2012.

The representatives of the AII Participating States discussed the future course of the reforms for agriculture and rural development and the opportunities of regional cooperation in this fields.

It was agreed to further develop the cooperation, and reinforce the "Network for Rural Development" established with the AII Protocol on "Strengthening cooperation on Rural development in the Adriatic and Ionian Basin" signed in 2010 in Rome.

The XIV Adriatic-Ionian Initiative Council meeting, which concludes the Serbian Presidency, was held in Belgrade on April 30, 2012.

The meeting was attended by representatives of AII Participant States. Representatives of the Regional Initiatives also took part in the meeting as special guests. The EU was represented by its office in Belgrade.

The participants discussed the current situation in the regional and how to further strengthen regional cooperation. They expressed their satisfaction with the progress of the of the Western Balkans states in ther respective EU processes and their hope that this will be intensified.

The support of all participant States of the AII fot the development of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian region was reaffirmed. This is a strategic initiative that should support the development needs of the Adriatic Ionian area modeled on the already adopted Danube and Baltic Region Strategies.

The Belgrade Declaration was adopted with the wish that the European Council could approve the mandate to the European Commission for the start-up of the action plan of the Strategy this year.

The participants congratulated the Republic of Serbia for its successful one year presidency over the initiative which formally ends on May 31st 2012.

The Republic of Slovenia will take over the AII Chairmanship starting from June 1st.


Amb. Pigliapoco intervened at the session of the Commission "EU Policies" of Region Marche illustrating AII Permanent Secretariat activities since its institution and its projects for the future.

The strengthening and improvement of regional cooperation in the Adriatic-Balkan basin, with the aim of accelerating the process of European integration, have been at the centre of the tenth conference of parliamentary speakers of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative taking place in Belgrade under the rotating chairmanship of Serbia.

The meeting was chaired by Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, the chair of the Assembly, who is also Serbia's interim President ahead of the election of a new head of state on May 6.

It was decided to further deepen the cooperation among the parliaments of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative particularly through the establishment of parliamentary delegations to the AII.

On February 14 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, in cooperation with the EU Commission, has organized in Athens the first workshop of the "stakeholders" of the future Adriatic Ionian Macro-Region.